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Night Operational Tactical Training System
Maritime Surveillance
Disaster Management

Specialist Solutions

Maritime Surveillance

Extract tracks and fuse sensor data from radars and long range cameras, Analyse to identify potential threats, Present relevant information to the operators, Keep the coast clear.


AirCom® is a complete package of stand-alone hardware and software which enables every training and operational fixed wing or helicopter squadron to acquire their own air combat debriefing facility.


Integrating data from multiple sources and sensors and protocols.  Data link development and format exchange.  Correlating and displaying data in real time to provide a real time Common Operating Environment, Turning data into actionable information.

Disaster Management

Share information and warn people using the Common Alerting Protocol.  Co-ordinate relief and rescue teams using tracking devices and central monitoring.  Save lives with the right information, at the right place and the right time.


(K)Night Operational Tactical Training System, has been designed by a team of specialists to meet the needs of military services worldwide to train and keep aircrew current in tactical operations at night while using the specific NVGs that they will be using for operational flights.


Intaero’s software platform benefitting from many years of development.  Designed to integrate and display data in a powerful, but intuitive and easy to use manner, Real time distribution of data using any communications network.

We Are Focused On

Systems Integration

Information Networks

Operational Training

Tailor Made Solutions
to Systems Integration

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Intaero was founded in the UK in 1986, and has since maintained a strong international presence, specifically in flight, testing, training, aeronautical engineering, satellite communications, and systems integration.

With a growing dependance on systems, each with its own functions and operating space, there is a real need for solutions that take all of that information and put it in one place, presented in an intelligible way. To that end Intaero developed DEPICTOR, a unique Common Operating Platform, designed for both military and commercial applications.  Depictor incorporates powerful analytical functions and display options, enabling users to effortlessly manage the assets under their control.

“Security against defeat implies defensive tactics; achieving victory means taking the offensive.”

Sun Tzu