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Pocketfinder® Asia

Intaero is proud to distribute and support both Pocketfinder® and Location Based Technologies (LBT) products in the Asian Pacific region.

LBT is an established US company and the PocketFinder® brand has been exceeding customer expectations for over 10 years. LBT offers accurate and reliable personal trackers as well as robust vehicle trackers. The personal trackers are probably the best available in the world today and feature highly accurate positioning using GPS, touch Wi-Fi and GSM Cell ID.

With our international 3G data plan all trackers keep on reporting their position and speed from anywhere in the world with no additional roaming charges. The trackers, coupled with the LBT secure server and powerful, intuitive user interface give you access to the location and status of your loved ones, property or fleet of vehicles.

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Child GPS Trackers

Elderly GPS Trackers

Vehicle GPS Trackers

  • View GPS-based Pocketfinder+ location on Google Maps™.
  • Use Touch Wi-Fi when indoors and out of sight of GPS satellites.
  • Use Bluetooth to find the unit when within 50ft of your smartphone.
  • Get alerts when PocketFinder goes in or out of geo-fence zones.
  • Get alerts if the tracker exceeds a pre-selected speed.
  • Get alerts if the accelerometer detects a fall.
  • See where PocketFinder is going, or where it has been
    over the last 60 days.


PocketFinder can change your life

We are living in the information age, with a world of knowledge at your finger tips. Knowing the things that really matter to you like the location of those you care for or of valuable possessions such as your car, brings peace of mind in times of need.



Real time GPS location of your loved ones and property on Google Maps ™ using the most accurate GPS chip available. These are shown periodically on a computer with internet connection, or on a mobile phone or tablet using a GSM data connection.


See where Pocketfinder+ is when indoors, in a mall or in a dark car park. Find your child if you get separated or send a silent alert to call for help.


See where Pocketfinder+ is right now and see where it has been over selectable time intervals, from a few seconds to a few hours for example, to keep track of movements. Great for logistics and those concerned for their loved ones welfare.


Pocketfinder+ comes with a 12 month 3G, data plan. This plan enables the unit to work seamlessly in most countries in the world with no additional roaming fees and no action from the user.


Easily create an any number of virtual safe zones or “Geo Fences” and receive notifications if your PocketFinder tracker or vehicle tracker enters or leaves the designated area.


Your loved ones can send you an S.O.S signal by pressing the configurable button on the face of the unit. This silently sends them you their location as an alert message.


Get notifications when PocketFinder GPS Trackers go over the speed limit you have set, of particular interest to parents of teenage drivers and for fleet vehicle management.


With the PocketFinder app you can adjust your personal preferences to be alerted when the GPS tracker reaches a certain power level, giving you ample time to charge your battery.