Intaero was founded in 1986 by the current managing director squadron leader James Giles RAF (retired). The International Test Pilots School was the first commercial test pilot school in the world, and trained military and civil pilots and engineers from around the world. In the process the company was awarded a Queens Award for Export Achievement. At the same time International Aerospace Engineering was established and certified for aircraft maintenance, modification and certification. The school aircraft were operated for over 10 years under an AOC from the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authorities without any accident or major incident.

In the mid 1990s Intaero worked with the US company, Analytical Graphics, to be the international distributor for their satellite planning and management software, Satellite Tool Kit. This proved a very successful partnership and Intaero was able to grow market penetration in over 26 countries.

During this period the company invested in the development of a real time, data-link based Command and Control System called SMART (Situation Management and Awareness in Real Time). The company has been awarded numerous contracts for data link analysis, data link development, data link exchange, systems integration with radars, cameras etc. and the development of a fully integrated, multi-level air defence system.

More recently, the company has migrated SMART into the civil world by developing new software called Depictor. This has all the attributes of a robust, fast and capable military system but is designed to integrate with our development of a CAP 1.2 based, Common Alerting Protocol, acting as the server software linking the alerting sources with the general public. Depictor also functions as the core technology in a Central Monitoring Server (CMS) for the management and support of people and objects carrying small tracking devices. In the event of a disaster, the integration of tracking devices, video communications and a central command server can make a real difference to the effectiveness of teams responding to needs of the affected population.

Intaero continues to grow with innovative capabilities reflecting the requirements of the users and the user-friendly approach that makes them easy to operate in the most adverse conditions.

Managing Director
Sqn Ldr James Giles RAF (Retd.)

James had an interesting career in the Royal Air Force. Trained at Cranwell he went on to help form the first Jaguar squadron in the UK and then the first Jaguar squadron in Germany. He attended the US Navy Test Pilot School where he was awarded the best student. Flight testing the Harrier presented its fair share of excitement and fear and following this he joined the RAF Test Pilot School as Senior Tutor, specializing in aircraft handling, digital control systems and display formats.

When he left the RAF, he established the International Test Pilots School in the UK.  Following the sale of the school he invested in data link development and format exchange and continues to develop cost effective solutions for operational military training.  Most recently Intaero has developed the SMART disaster management system leveraging our experience with real-time data exchange over low bandwidth communication networks for the military.

James has worked successfully in many countries in all continents.  He is currently working with TFASA in South Africa to support business development and currently lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Technical Director
Paul Shaw

Paul is an accomplished computer software/systems engineer with a wealth of experience in all phases of projects from conceptualization, requirements capture, analysis, design, development, testing, integration, acceptance, support and training. Projects have primarily been defence related with an emphasis on data management and Command & Control and varied in size from large-scale national defence projects to small, implementations.

Paul started his career working with Ferranti International developing Command and Control systems and designing and implementing tactical data links and radar interfaces for the Royal Saudi Air Force. After joining International Aerospace he developed a generic Common Operating Picture with role-based access and sophisticated information security measures. His many other accomplishments include developing a Tactical Bridge to filter real time data, a real time tracking tool and an emergency alerting system. Paul has travelled extensively and currently splits his time between the UK and France.

Paul has the experience and skill to develop unique solutions for Intaero which combine operational focus, ease of use and reliable software performance.