Cost Effective Support for Air Combat Training

AirCom® is a complete package of stand-alone hardware and software to enable operators to get the most training value from each combat training or operational sortie. It is equally effective for fixed wing combat training, helicopter operations and dissimilar combat training.

It is designed enable every training and operational fixed wing or helicopter squadron to acquire their own air combat debriefing facility and thereby complement the use of expensive and limited, instrumented ranges, pods, telemetry and ground stations.

AirCom® has been designed by a team of experienced air combat instructors as a cost-effective, squadron level, de-briefing tool to provide the features needed for the effective analysis of a complex, air-combat, mission.


  • Call sign, lat-long, alt, airspeed, heading, angles, accelerations, vector from aircraft to user-defined bullseye
  • Vectors from a chosen shooter to a chosen target are all user selectable
  • Full missile and gun modeling including missile modeling in flight, to give an accurate PK
  • AirCom has been tested to synchronise and replay up to a minimum 16 aircraft
  • Play, pause, fast forward and fast backwards
  • Cockpit video correlated in real time with the recorded data
  • Drawing objects including threat domes, airways, combat floor etc.
  • Full 3D replay of the sortie with 3D aircraft models in livery or selectable colours

AirCom® software integrates data and video from each aircraft using the GPS time base and displays each aircraft, and their relationship to one-another and to a bullseye, in a high resolution, 3D display.  The operator is able to insert ground to air threat domes, airways, danger areas etc. and also represent visually the floor to a training exercise.

The user is able to select from pre-programmed, generic weapons or insert detailed weapon parameters to create a secure, operational package. AirCom® is therefore able to predict very accurate PK results from a shooting opportunity.

The INS / GPS data logger incorporates a high-sensitivity, GPS antenna that can be replaced by an external antenna for applications in helicopters and larger, fixed wing aircraft.

Data and Combat Parameters are supported by the use of a cockpit-mounted, GPS-equipped video camera.  After the sortie, the recorded data from all aircraft and cameras is downloaded into the PC-based, AirCom® software where it is automatically time-correlated and synchronised.

Data, including all flight parameters, are recorded using a small, rugged, custom – designed, hardware unit that combines an Inertial Navigational Unit, a high sensitivity GPS receiver and advanced Kalman filtering algorithms to provide highly accurate analysis of the aircraft position, velocities, attitude and accelerations.  The recorders are powered by an internal battery and data are recorded to an on-board, flash memory The small recorders make no transmissions and are placed in the cockpit of each aircraft where they are completely isolated from all of the aircraft systems.

Data is recorded from the Inertial Navigation System at between 10Hz and 30Hz to give an accurate and smooth replay through the AirCom® software.

The user can seamlessly change views easily from an overhead view, tied to a specific aircraft, to a 3D view to see the use of the vertical in a fight and a pilot’s eye view to see what the pilot is seeing during the combat.

AirCom®  enables trainers to play back and review every minute detail of a sortie and train operational pilots to manage energy effectively and use optimum maneuvering techniques.

  • AirCom® has been tested with up to 16 aircraft synchronised in a large combat scenario. 
  • AirCom® incorporates a range of tools to maximise the training value from each aircraft sortie. 
  • Cockpit video and audio can also be synchronised with the data replay for maximum training value. 
  • AirCom® represents excellent value and complements, rather than competes with, more expensive and restricted pod-based systems.  Users can link AirCom® to replay a fight with aircraft from different bases.  Whether debriefing a solo flight or multi-aircraft combat, AirCom® provides an irrefutable way to graphically highlight successes and errors.
  • The AirCom® software also has a range of graphical elements including threat domes, air corridors and drawing objects.