Intaero is proud to work with the following companies.
All of whom have developed cutting edge technology, which Intaero incorporates and builds upon in systems and integration solutions.
Transfinite Systems Asia

Transfinite Systems is an independent company which produces cutting edge radio spectrum management and interference analysis tools. Their Visualyse software suite is an intuitive, graphic based front end to electronic surveillance systems.


For over 30 years Lindstrand Technologies has produced some of the most advanced lighter-than-air airships and inflatable structures in the world. Developing a wide range of applications for mobile, inflatable buildings and vehicles.


Cambridge Pixel provides sensor acquisition, processing, tracking and display solutions for applications in military naval command and control, air traffic control (ATC), vessel traffic (VTS), ECDIS, security and airborne radar applications, to international customers, worldwide.

Blighter surveillance systemes

Blighter® Surveillance Systems (BSS) is a UK-based electronic-scanning radar and sensor solution provider delivering an integrated multi-sensor package to systems integrators comprising the Blighter electronic-scanning radars, cameras, thermal imagers and trackers.


Chess Dynamics provides solutions to a wide variety of applications such as: thermal imagers, lasers, camera vision systems to identify and/or track targets, servo systems to position and point sensors, satellite tracking and positioning systems.

Selex Asia

Selex ES, a  Finmeccanica company, is an international leader in electronic and information technologies for defence systems, aerospace, data, land security and protection. They specialise in design, development and production of state-of-the-art equipment, radar and camera systems.


Raven Aerostar designs and manufactures solutions that most affordably deliver integrated situational awareness. Whether it’s radars on a tower, on an aerostat, Raven has the ability to provide an integrated systems solution.


Location Based Technologies is a US-based company which has over 15 years experience of manufacturing excellent, reliable, tracking equipment for professional users. They focus on personal and vehicle trackers and have developed a unique user interface which offers very high levels of security with ease of use. Their latest product, Pocketfinder+ is a world-class, professional, personal tracker which combines reliability with global use.


Kelvin Hughes helps protect the world’s coastlines by providing SharpEye™ fully coherent radars capable of detecting uncooperative low Radar Cross Section (RCS) targets such as small wooden boats and RHIBs that maybe operating illegally off the coast or in an EEZ area.


Clark Masts Systems Limited has been dedicated to the design and manufacture of fast-erecting pneumatic telescopic and sectional mast systems for both civilian and military use since the late 1950’s.