Intaero is proud to present Depictor, the result of many years of development and adaptation to various user requirements. It is the base of the following Specialist Systems Integration Solutions and has also been used in a variety of military and civil applications.
The backend works constantly, correlating and analysing data from a myriad of sources, whilst it’s powerful graphics front end literally depicts all that information.
Military Applications

Real Time Information

Depictor is effectively a Decision Support Tool helping operators by

  • Displaying the right information
  • To the right people
  • At the right time
  • And in the right geo-spatial context

Systems Integration

Operational installations include multi-level air defence systems, fighter controller stations, air defence training, data link development, data link interoperability, communications management and the integration of multiple data sources into a Common Operating Environment.

Intelligent Software

Depictor is a real-time, software application that operates in a peer-to-peer, rather than server-client, environment. It integrates and fuses data from multiple sources and analyses the data for relevance and timeliness. It displays all information in a flexible, Open- GIS, 2D environment and can be interfaced to an interactive, Open-GL 3D environment. It incorporates a GIS-based front end enabling planning and mission analysis. The software securely disseminates information between nodes over low-bandwidth communications

Civil Applications

Depictor is well suited to homeland defence applications, enabling data from multiple sources to be displayed. This could include data and intelligence from different sensors, data streams and databases and legacy systems. It has also been used in maritime environment to monitor surface traffic and to assist in search and rescue operations.

Another application is the integration and display of weather data to monitor rainfall to assist in flood prediction. Additional integration to show GIS information such as ground heights gives added value to the predictions.

The core capabilities of Depictor make it ideal for monitoring and managing :

  • Transport security
  • Integrating tracking systems with business processes
  • Airport Security
  • Highway monitoring
  • Rail transport / people transport security and management